The neon sign has been an integral part of our popular culture for decades.  There’s something about that sparkling energy that is emitted that speaks directly to what makes us human.  It’s filled with potential, vibrancy, and life.  It’s something that draws the eye, every time.

Now, imagine that you could leverage this power for your Melbourne business.  What if you could create a neon sign of your own that could contain your message, your idea, or your symbol.  That is now a reality thanks to 100% custom neon signs.  In this article, we’re going to explore what’s possible with these and how you can get your own made without any fuss.

LED v Gas Neon Signs: What are the Differences?

The first distinction that we need to understand is the difference between gas neon signs and LED neon signs.  A gas neon sign uses real glass tubing which houses the gas and that makes for a very vibrant effect that people have come to love.  However, this option is much more expensive to produce and it requires significantly more energy than the LED version.  This makes it a difficult choice for those who want to keep the sign on for long periods of time.

LED neon signs on the other hand create the light using strips of light-emitting diodes which create the neon effect without requiring gas at all.  This makes them extremely energy efficient and cheaper in every way.  In addition, they tend to be more durable and less prone to shattering.  They don’t require any maintenance and have a much longer life than the gas version.

LED neon signs really are the way of the future and they’re a great choice for anyone looking to get that neon effect without breaking the bank.

What are the Benefits of LED Neon Signs?

Neon signs are a very unique way to market your business or create a specific environment within your establishment – and so can be a crucial component of your overall aesthetic.  Here are some of the key benefits of using a neon sign for this purpose:

  • Eyecatching.  Neon signs tend to be the focal point of any space because of their vibrant colours among other things.  This makes them the perfect choice if you’re looking to maximize your business visibility and draw more customers to your doors.  It’s also worth noting that while many assume they only work at night, this isn’t the case.  If you get the right one it will display well even during the daytime.
  • Nostalgic.  There’s something special about neon signs because of their connection to days gone past.  If you want your brand to feel vintage and nostalgic, then a neon sign is a great way to achieve that.  It feels that much more authentic, intentional, and hearty than other types of signs.
  • Good for Photographs.  LED neon signs specifically tend to photograph very well in all types of light.  This means that you’re going to benefit from a lot of organic, word-of-mouth marketing as customers take photos and share them online.  These images speak a thousand words and can be a big boost for your overall brand presence.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain.  All of the additional brand benefits wouldn’t be worth that much if the sign was difficult to handle and manage over the long term.  Luckily, LED neon signs are much more user-friendly than the old gas versions and they can be mounted anywhere like you would a piece of art.  It doesn’t require any special expertise or tools, making it that much easier to deal with.  In addition, these signs don’t require any maintenance – so you can rest assured that once it’s up, you’ll have no problems.

Those are just a few of the reasons that LED neon signs can be so powerful for your company.  It’s one of those investments that can transform your public-facing image and nurture some magic that serves you for years to come.

How Do I Customise My LED Neon Sign?

We’ve worked hard to create an intuitive and fully-featured platform that allows you to customize your neon sign to your heart’s content.  On our site, you can choose the symbols you want to include, the letter style, the message, the colours, and much more.  This gives you complete flexibility over your sign and ensures that you can create something completely unique to your brand.

Based on our experience, we’d recommend keeping the following principles in mind as you design your sign:

  • Keep it Simple.  You want your sign to be instantly recognizable and to transmit one key message.  To do that, you want to keep it from being too busy.  Keep it nice and simple and you’ll have a great branding piece that can make the difference for you.
  • Understand the Context of Its Location.  Ideally, you should know where the sign is going to be placed before you start designing it.  This will help you understand the context and therefore some of the crucial design elements that you need to keep in mind.  Your sign should align with the rest of your visual aesthetic in that particular place wherever possible.
  • Colour Palette.  With LED neon signs your colour choices are almost limitless so it’s worth spending some time identifying the exact colour combinations that are going to work for you.  Keep in mind that you can dim the sign where needed, so you have some flexibility there – but in most cases, you’ll want to make sure that the colours make sense before you start creating one.

Once you’ve finished designing your sign, we’ll get it made for you and before you know it, you can hang that neon sign and enjoy the myriad of benefits that comes with it.  We assure you, once you see it in person, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

If you’re looking for a custom neon sign, get in touch today.  We can’t wait to help your business stand out from the rest and use the power of neon to maximize your brand’s visual appeal.

Customise Your Neon Sign

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